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Welcome to the Linux For All Users Group. We are a growing group of people in Lebanon, Oregon and the surrounding area, who all share a common interest in GNU/Linux.

Membership to LFA is very simple. There is no fee whatsoever. That's right, it's free - just like Linux! We have regular meetings, and provide a mailing list for discussions about Free and Open Source Software, and other topics of interest to Linux enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome at the meetings. To become a member, just show up.

Whether you are new to Linux, a Linux expert, or just interested in Linux, please join us at our next meeting. If you cannot attend the monthly meetings, you can be involved in LFA remotely by joining the LFA forum. (opens in a new window) We also host Installfests, where newbies and experts alike can gather to share knowledge about Linux installation and configuration.

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In 1996, when the 5-year-old Linux operating system began to be more widely used and talk began about the need to create a logo for Linux. Among them a penguin, a albatross, a platypus, an eagle, and a fox. A contest eventually was held to choose the logo. Original Linux Logo
A plump, content penguin--Not fat, but it's sitting down because it's really too stuffed to stand up, was choosen. "TUX" was his name. Tux--who according to Linux community legend wasn't named for his Tuxedo-like appearance, but rather is an acronym. Do you know what the TUX acronym means?

"Torvalds' UniX"

PCLinuxOS Radically Simple - Linux for the non-geek

If there are any topics that you would like to hear about, please email your requests to arrangements will be made to discuss those topics at a future meeting(s).

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